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Published: 16/11/2013  

Cinderella A royal palace, a glittering gown, dancing with a handsome Prince in a candlelit ballroom. Such fanciful dreams were only in Cinderella’s imagination. But thanks to her Fairy Godmother, her life of hardship is magically transformed. Making a dazzling entrance to the royal ball, she captures the attention of all and the heart of the Prince. Yet this beautiful dream must end at midnight, and in her haste to depart, she leaves one jewelled slipper behind Queensland Ballet’s new production of Ben Stevenson’s Cinderella is charming, humorous and blissfully romantic. Set to Prokofiev’s expressive music, this fairy-tale ballet has been danced by some of the most famous ballerinas of our time, including Margot Fonteyn. Embrace the magic, and believe that dreams really do come true!

Presented by Rockhampton Regional Council. Part of the 2014 See It Live Theatre Season.

Pilbeam Theatre
Saturday 11 October at 7.30pm
Adult $56, Pensioner $52, Adult Friend of Theatre $52, Pensioner Friend of Theatre $49, Rewards Adult $52, Rewards Pensioner $49, Group 10 Adults (over 35 years) $52, Teacher Group (over 35 years) $40.
To celebrate the Pilbeam Theatre's 35th birthday, anyone 35 years of age and under pays just $1 for every year of your age. For example if you are 21 years old, you pay $21 for a ticket. Conditions apply.
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